Telluride Map

The Pandora House is located exactly at the point of the arrow, at the corner of Pandora and Alder.  The lot stretches from street to street and is at the end of the block, giving a very nice buffer to the otherwise narrow lots.  The oval indicates the location of most of the commercial businesses and restaurants in Telluride.

Pandora House

The map is oriented such that top is to the north.  The dark wandering line across the bottom is the San Miguel River as it runs through town.  Colorado Avenue is also known as Main Street.  The Telluride Canyon is to the right (east) and the ski lifts can be seen angling off from the bottom of the map.  The oval shape includes the business district of town.  Most everything is within an easy few minute walk.  The shuttle runs during the winter and will take you right to the lifts.

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